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layer_type table_name geometry_column read_only hidden
SpatialTable cpad_2020a_superunits geometry 0 0
SpatialTable cpad_2020a_units geometry 0 0

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CREATE VIEW vector_layers_auth AS
SELECT 'SpatialTable' AS layer_type, f_table_name AS table_name, f_geometry_column AS geometry_column, read_only AS read_only, hidden AS hidden
FROM geometry_columns_auth
SELECT 'SpatialView' AS layer_type, a.view_name AS table_name, a.view_geometry AS geometry_column, b.read_only AS read_only, a.hidden AS hidden
FROM views_geometry_columns_auth AS a
JOIN views_geometry_columns AS b ON (Upper(a.view_name) = Upper(b.view_name) AND Upper(a.view_geometry) = Upper(b.view_geometry))
SELECT 'VirtualShape' AS layer_type, virt_name AS table_name, virt_geometry AS geometry_column, 1 AS read_only, hidden AS hidden
FROM virts_geometry_columns_auth;